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  • Taylor Alicia Price

    Taylor Alicia Price

    -Social Change Activist — Sexual Violence Service Advocate -

  • Alex Handley

    Alex Handley

  • Antonio Reza

    Antonio Reza

    2L at Santa Clara University School of Law | Aspiring Criminal Law Attorney | Scholar | Critical Thinker | Formerly Incarcerated Felon with a Strike

  • tramstop


    2L at Santa Clara University. Navigating law school as an introvert in profession that won’t stop talking. All thoughts are my own (and my other personalities).

  • Zeeshan Khan, S.M.

    Zeeshan Khan, S.M.

    Moved from Massachusetts to Munich after completing Masters at MIT. Lived in Dubai before that. Working on self driving cars of BMW.

  • J. Niedfeldt-Thomas

    J. Niedfeldt-Thomas

    Inspired by the impact of the civic sector on the challenges of today and tomorrow. Be the person your dog thinks you are.

  • Tobias Boelter

    Tobias Boelter

    Cryptography Engineering @Samsung. Account and statements are personal and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of my employer.

  • Nadine Clay

    Nadine Clay

    Creative Director at a Startup | Avid Reader | A wise person told me ‘choose a niche!’ so I blog about marketing, psychology, and creativity. Sometimes I stray.

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